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Amy VanHaren -- a working, nursing, traveling, mom -- created pumpspotting to be "a bright light in a world of bathrooms and broom closets". Connect over boobs, milk, lactation, mamahood... all the many trials and triumphs of nursing and pumping; find the best places to pump, nurse and nourish your baby (powered by nursing moms who have been there); search for nursing locations near or far, by location, rating, type of room, or amenities available; share your breastfeeding spots, from the

airport mothering room to the big booth at the back of the local pizza joint. Spot it, rate it, and help your fellow nursing mamas feed their babes (and relieve their boobs). 

We're just getting warmed up, so find a comfy chair, pull out a pump or a boob, and join us on the boob-venture of a lifetime. Happy pumpspotting!


Its reviewers call it a "game changer", "so much more than a period tracker", and an "empowerment tool." MyFLO is the first and only app of its kind that helps you learn why you have symptoms and how to fix your period naturally. It tracks all four phases of your cycle (not just the obvious one) and shows you how to best care for your body in each. Learn which foods

are best, what kinds of exercise you'll benefit the most from, and how to live and work in a way that takes advantage of the neuro-hormonal phase you're in. You can also sync your partner so they'll get an email when you move to a new phase with tips on how to love you best. MyFLO helps you see and utilize your cycle as an asset and a source of power.


"Every time you really connect with someone in conversation, your consciousness expands."  Danielle LaPorte created this app to spark both connection and expansion. 

Conversation Starters displays conversation cards that users can shuffle, scroll through, favorite and share. It's also a portal to all things Desire Map, with a connection to the online community, audio tracks, the email list, and the book itself


Use this app to find the right questions to ask at the cafe, gathered in your living room, at your next lunch meeting, on retreat, on your power walks. Ask them on the phone, or in person, like you would with a book club, or a support group, or the person you most want to share your heart with.

As a big fan of Danielle's and of good conversation, this project was a dream. Conversation Starters earned #1 ranking in its category and debuted as a top 10 paid app in iTunes.


Christine Courtelis created this app for "those of us with heart disease and for our doctors and medical teams too." 

In her words, "I know a lot about life as a heart patient. I was born with a rare congenital heart disease. Staying healthy (and alive!) has required five surgeries and a pacemaker – and many visits to doctors and cardiologists.

"My job as a patient involves making sure my doctors have all the information they need about my symptoms and how I’m feeling. I wanted to find a better way to keep track of my symptoms than just jotting things down in a notebook or on a sticky note, so I created MyHeartApp for people like us.  

"MyHeartApp lets you track and time your symptoms, as well as make a note of what you were doing when your symptoms occurred. MyHeartApp allows you to retrieve information about your symptoms based on date or type of symptom. You can also log your daily weight, fluid and sodium intake which is helpful for people with heart failure. There’s also a place to take notes, and as a sweet treat, a heart button with on-demand inspiration."

Christine's app that will no doubt make a positive impact on the quality of care for countless heart patients. It was (and continues to be) an honor to work on this app, and with Christine. 


Template Apps

We've designed a series of template apps that entrepreneurs can make their own, mixing and matching functionality to suit their goals on mobile. They're like hard candy shells that you can fill with your content, wrap in your branding and deploy as your own. 


The aim of this shareable code is to lower the technical and financial barriers to creating an app; no need for tens of thousands of dollars, no need for tech-y knowledge. Made initially for friends, now expanded to friends I hadn't met yet. 


Amy Medling
PCOS Diva 

With over 30,000 iPhone and Android downloads, PCOS Diva is one of the most-shared apps for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

PCOS Diva is a must-have app for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) who want to reclaim their femininity, fertility, health and happiness and thrive with PCOS. Developed by Amy Medling, Certified Health Coach and founder of, the #1 site that helps women with PCOS manage their symptoms naturally through diet and lifestyle change. 

“A PCOS Diva app has been on my bucket list for awhile now. I didn’t know how I could make it happen without spending $1000s of dollars in development fees, never mind figuring out the process to have it listed on the Apple and Android stores. Lindsey made this dream come true for me. For a fraction of the cost and an easy turn-key solution, I now have my app in the hands of thousands of women who need help managing their Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.” 


Maria Jose Flaque
Mujer Holistica

With 100-200 downloads per week in 16 nations, Mujer Holistica is one of the leading Spanish-language health apps for women.

Want to live a healthy life, have more energy and feel better than ever? Join thousands of women every day as they discover how to be happier and healthier. Behind Mujer Holistica is a group of holistic health professionals dedicated to bringing you practical and easy tips to apply to your daily life.

"I decided to get an app because my statistics show that most of the visits to my site come from a mobile phone, so when I read that Lindsey made apps for health coaches and other online entrepreneurs, I knew right away that I needed one. It is the best way to get in touch and reach all of my potential clients daily with information they really need. After going through the entire process of building the app, I was practically begging Lindsey to let me write a testimonial for her!

"At the beginning I was a bit intimidated with all the technological aspects of making the app, but Lindsey’s tutorials were so easy to follow that it was impossible to mess up. She is very organized and on top of everything; I always felt like she was taking care of everyone’s apps like they were her own. The Facebook group has also been a place to get support and all of my questions answered quickly. I cannot recommend working with Lindsey enough; it has been such a great experience. It has been so much fun building an app that I’m already ordering more from her!"


Lacy Young
Kale Yeah!

Kale Yeah! is one of my personal favorites. It delights, inspires, and will make you smile. Every day.

KaleYeah! is for people who want to live life healthy + happy! Get 60 days of bite-sized information that will help to fuel your plant-powered life. 

Reduce stress, lose excess pounds and feel empowered about what you’re putting into your body. There’s no dieting or deprivation here; just completely doable tips, affirmations and recipes to encourage, inspire and help you reach your wellness goals. 

"I was looking to get an app to help promote my growing health coaching business. Having an app is way sexier than carrying around a brochure. NO ONE cares about brochures! I love that I get to be in conversation with my potential clients + community everyday through their phone. Thank you, technology! Lindsey made having an app not only possible but completely affordable! I especially appreciate her face-value, clear communication and honest approach to customer service through the Facebook group. I am able to weigh in on decisions regularly and take an active role in helping to create my app. Totally cool! Lindsey is unapologetically thorough, passionate about building quality apps and a complete delight to work with!"