1: strategy


define your "why"

This is what got you here, and it will fuel your entire venture. We'll get clear on your "why" and keep it front and center throughout the design process.


identify your USER

Together, we'll dig deep into the demographic and psychographic traits of your ideal user so that we can create a product that meets their specific needs and unique desires.


outline your functionality

We'll put all the possibilities on the table and determine what's most essential for testing your concept through your first build.


explore styles

We'll look at what's out there and begin pinpointing the styles that best communicate your brand's vision and personality.


Review brand boards

Choose from variations on typography, icon design, and overall style and energy.

Artboard 2.png

finalize icon & colors

Choose your brand's look and feel.

3: synthesis

wireframes & ux iteration

Get a lo-fi prototype of your app to tap through on your device. We'll iterate to optimize the user experience.

HI-FI Prototype

A fully fleshed-out prototype with all screens in full color. This prototype looks and feels like the real thing.



Our team can outline for you the 1-2-week increments ("sprints") in which your dev team would execute on your app.


bring your idea to life

Work with an experienced team of app designers to create an optimized product prototype that looks and feels like the real thing.