You’ve got a great idea for an app.

We'll start by laying out all the possibilities and then mapping out a strategy.

  • What functions are essential?
  • What should we optimize in your first release, and what should wait for subsequent builds?
  • How should we position your app in the app stores and how can we gauge it’s potential for success ahead of time?

We’ll collaborate to answer these questions and create a coherent strategy that will focus your resources most effectively. 


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Once we have a solid strategy for the functions we'll build and in what order, we'll move on to experience design. 

  • How will you deliver robust functionality while requiring the least user effort to fulfill it?
  • How can you get real user feedback, even before building your app, so that you’re fully confident in your final design?
  • How can we create a content management system for your app so that you have maximum flexibility without requiring additional development costs?


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We'll work with you to create a beautiful and effective brand strategy for your app, either starting with your existing branding or envisioning a whole new look.

Your designer will deliver stunning designs for each of your app views to define and elevate your user experience.

From bright and cheerful to clean and minimal to rich and colorful, we'll find just the right fit for your product. 



We develop in either native iOS, native Android, or Titanium, a language that enables us to code for both iPhone and Android simultaneously.

After discussing your options, we'll find the best fit for your budget, your timeline, and your app's functionality.

We will walk you through the process of creating hosting accounts with iTunes and/or GooglePlay and help you create a high-conversion store listing.


App Store Optimization, or ASO, provides a series of proven strategies for achieving both high visibility and conversion. 

  • What keywords will you use to position your app for maximum visibility and traffic?
  • How will you maintain and consistently improve your app’s visibility?
  • Once you have high visibility, how will you optimize your listing to maximize conversion?
  • How will your strategy in iTunes differ from GooglePlay?

I created an online course on ASO that you can take at any time, or we can take care of it with done-for-you ASO.

Let's dive in.

Custom apps start at $15,000

It has been such an amazing experience working on this project together. I appreciate your humor, enthusiasm and your deep commitment to my project. All the way from concept to creation I felt you really cared about what we were creating.
— Christine Courtelis, MyHeartApp