LWC App Studio is a full-service mobile app studio based in San Francisco, CA and Tripoli, Lebanon. We are active product partners at pumpspotting, the social network for breastfeeding moms; Crowd Cure, an effort to crowdsource solutions to chronic disease; and Fayr, the app to help parents do divorce differently.

Over the past 8 years and nearly 100 mobile apps, we've worked with international best-selling authors, major state health systems, Silicon Valley startups and European medical device companies. Our apps have launched at #1 in their category, been featured by iTunes and on Apple's Planet of the Apps; been praised on the pages of Oprah Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, and other national publications; and, hopefully, made the world a better place.

We are a small, tight-knit and long-standing team. We are committed to a positive and collaborative work environment.

The Role

This person is integral to ensuring the quality of our products and the happiness of our clients. Strong written communication skills, experience and professional maturity are paramount.

Our tools

We work and collaborate with the following online tools. Familiarity with these tools is ideal but not required. They're easy to learn.

  • Trello for managing workflows 
  • Slack for internal communication
  • Gmail for client communication
  • Toggl for time tracking

You will want to have some basic familiarity with scrum and agile development, both of which are easy to Google. 


Client Support

This aspect of the job is focused on problem-solving. You would be managing support inboxes for a variety of applications and responding to user questions and bug reports. This involves:

  • Having a library of our mobile apps on both iPhone and Android devices (company devices would be provided to you)
  • Answering user questions about how the application works
  • Attempting to re-create any reported errors on your device
  • Asking the user a series of set questions to identify where the error is present
  • Writing up a detailed report for the development team
  • Communicating with the development team on a completion timeline
  • Testing the fixed build from the dev team to ensure the error is resolved
  • Publishing applications to the app store
  • Keeping the client informed of progress and ensuring that deadlines are met 

It isn't necessary that you have experience with the technical pieces above. If you're the right fit, you'll find them easy to learn. 

This is a fulfilling role for someone who:

  • Enjoys solving problems when the answer is not obvious
  • Is an avid user of mobile apps
  • Is comfortable and confident with technology
  • Is quick to learn and knows how to find answers online
  • Pays close attention to detail
  • Is a positive, empathic and effective written communicator, comfortable dealing with a variety of personalities
  • Is not easily stressed
  • Is sensitive to the tone of their emails and grammatical correctness

Project Management

This aspect of the job is focused on management. You would be overseeing the execution of large and long-term software projects. This involves:

  • Overseeing the progress of all company projects via Trello
  • Maintaining regular communication with the client throughout the project
  • Managing priorities for the development team, in collaboration with the client and the product manager
  • Turning a big project into a series of small, discrete tasks ("Sprints")
  • Making detailed checklists for each sprint for the dev team
  • Testing new builds and creating detailed lists of any errors or deficiencies
  • Communicating with the dev team to set timelines together
  • Ensuring deadlines are met

This role is all about paying close attention to details. You are on the front lines of ensuring the quality of our products.

This is a fulfilling role for someone who:

  • Is aesthetically sensitive and attuned. You can recognize when something is even just a few pixels off.
  • Is picky and takes their time. You don't let errors go undiscovered or unfixed.
  • Has high standards
  • Enjoys being organized
  • Is meticulous and methodical
  • Is practical


This is a part-time, contract position, 2-5 hours M-F mornings, or 40-60 hours/month. We are looking for the right fit and are open to negotiating pay when we find you. It's important that you are a fast learner, technically competent, and confident and experienced with VA and online work.