What to do when you lose on a reality show (6 steps)


Amy and I pitched our app, pumpspotting, to a panel of celebrity judges on the first season of Apple's Planet of the Apps. We lost.

Step 1. Hug

Step 2. With grace and a smile, remove the mic taped to your chest and book it out of earshot.

Step 3. Panic, regret, cry, and otherwise indulge all of your base instincts, but in rotation so only one person is losing it at any given time; the other person reassures. Then switch until you're too tired. We call this the Panic Tango and find it preferable to the Panic Double-Down, which we tried for a few minutes and found impossible.

Step 4. Stare at the ceiling of your hotel room and have the best idea since you took that run through the desert in high heels.  

Step 5. At sunrise, make a video explaining the whole thing so you don't forget:

Then order pancakes. 

Step 6. Nine months later, forgo celebrity judges in favor of real people and ask them to help you show up for moms across the country: coast-to-coast, town-by-town. 

As I write this, we're 87% funded with 50 hours to go. Will you join us?


This campaign is for all the mamas - who've been there, who are there, and who will be there - and all the people who support them. Join us in taking our Breast Express RV across the country to show up for breastfeeding moms.