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It is deeply freeing to let go of the belief that we are supposed to be ever productive, always advancing, accumulating, accelerating. While our culture of work and education may have handed us this ideal or expectation, our lived experience, our mythical traditions, and nature itself, speaks to a different truth. We aren’t, and aren’t meant to be, living lives of perpetual advancement. 

Life is less a line moving up and to the right and is more a series of circles and cycles, also ever-advancing, but not linearly and not always discernably. We inhale and we exhale. Our heart beats and then rests. The sun rises and then falls. The moon waxes and then wanes. The flower blooms and then dies. And over broader time, each of us eventually fades away. Our presence here expands. Our presence here contracts. 

Many of the cycles of our lives are deeply personal and some, like the seasons, we experience together. Some cycles are long and within them lie many shorter ones. Cycles in different domains of our lives, our society, and the natural world overlap and interplay.

The wisdom of circular thinking over linear is not a great realization. We need look no farther than the face of our clock, the orbits of the Earth and moon, or the migration of birds, to see circles and cycles keeping time everywhere. 

The cyclical paradigm gives due significance to rest, to the sabbath, and to quietude; to restoration and germination. This is a profound gift. And there is more to harvest here.

We are a part of nature’s cycles whether we recognize them or not. However, if we recognize them, and if we calibrate our own “clocks” to them, life is easier. For most of us, it is harder to sleep during the day and work during the night. This is, of course, natural.

Through lunar cycles, this project is meant to help us witness and calibrate our personal rhythms in relation to nature and to circular time. By charting our own “movements” within each cycle, it enables us to create a personal constellation with each turn of the moon around the earth. It also allows us to harmonize with cyclical thinking rather than linear, which in this author’s opinion is more accurate, more loving, and — ultimately — feels better.



The Moon is my Calendar

April Miller McMurtry , creator of  The Moon is my Calendar

April Miller McMurtry, creator of The Moon is my Calendar

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