Now for the fun part! Vote your heart out. You may have heard: we're building a free app for someone awesome this summer. Well, it's time to vote! The good news is that every one of the possibilities is pretty awesome so. You can't lose. ;)

As for me, this is the first time I've run a free app contest, and I've had a BLAST reading the entries; I think you will, too. I've hyperlinked everyone's photos where possible so you can check out their websites while you're at it.

Vote for your favorite entrepreneur(s) by writing their name in a comment below the post. You can vote for more than one person, but you can't vote for any one person more than once. :) We'll build a free app for whoever gets the most votes.

In the meantime, I hope everyone's summer is off to a great start. It was light until after 10 last night! How nice.

Love, Linds


jennifersterling   I would like an app that has a recipe directory complete with the the recipes I share on my blog as well as special recipes created just for the app. The app would also include helpful baking tips and information on substitutions for replacing eggs, dairy, wheat and refined sugars. I would include a food journal with information to help individuals complete an elimination diet to find out if they have food intolerances. I would also like the app to have daily inspirational messages and nutrition information because good health involves more than just eating well.   Vote for Jennifer Sterling by writing her name in your comment below!      


melissamonteforte   Simple tools to help the busy mama make her health and fitness a priority. Busy mama? No problem. Let this app serve as your best girlfriend telling you it's time to take care of you! Your job as a mom, wife, caregiver is hard enough...let's make taking care of you the easy part.

As a mom of two myself, I know how hard it is to take care of you when you have a million other things that definitely seem like much more of a priority. But guess what...if you don't take care of you, you're not going to have the energy (or desire) to take of the ones you love.

This app will help you not have to THINK about what you need to do to to make your health and fitness a will be your reminder and TELL you what to do.

What's Included: 1. Simple daily reminders- Drink water. Take a 5 min time-out. Eat something green today. etc. 2. Easy to do and effective exercises (I'm talking things you can do while you're washing dishes, or sitting on the sidelines of your little's soccer game) 3. Self-Care tips (gotta take care of you to take care of the ones you love) 4. Quick & Healthy Recipes the whole fam will enjoy 5. On-the-Go snack ideas. 6. Daily journal where you can keep track of what you ate, drank, and what kind of activity you got in for the day. (Help you keep on track so you don't have to do much thinking).   Vote for Melissa Monteforte by writing her name in your comment below!      


Summermcstravick   This is a quiz app that helps you solve a problem in your life...namely: "If I fixed ONE thing in my life that would make the rest of my life flow, what would that be?" Think of it as an "immediate guidance" app...for when you feel sad, confused, need an answer... or even when you just feel a burning desire to go bigger and need someone to point out the right direction!

Add on to that daily messages that help you align and remember that YOU are a genius co-creator, that every day is your new canvas. Who wouldn't want that gentle reminder to pop up on their phone, reminding them that this is the time to stop, think, feel, and create? That all the rest of the day is simply "fulfillment" of that higher focused purpose we can have?

The biggest complaint of my audience is that they KNOW what to do to stay connected and to attract what they intend...but then life gets in the way and they forget. This app helps you STAY on PURPOSE with just a sweet but powerful reminder each day!

Best of will be FREE! Not only that, but add in occasional awesome free mp3 downloads that take you into relaxation, focus, and that "pattern interrupt" we all need so much. Chill to the sweet feel of Flow and active manifestation in your life. (Did I mention, for FREE?)

The more people who think like this, the better! We are changing the vibe of the world here!

Plus, sometimes, there's just not enough time to listen to a podcast...but there's always enough time to look down on your phone and remember who you are, what your life's mission is, and how much you are LOVED and fulfilling your role here.

Please consider this app and vote for it! Time for an app that gives you LIGHT and HOPE and INNER POWER every single day...just through a simple quiz that gets you on direction, then daily words to keep you on that path to your greatness.

XOXOXO Summer McStravick   Vote for Summer McStravick by writing her name in your comment below!      


annearmstrong   Imagine a daily message app with a daily idea for creative family fun that takes 15 minutes and $5 or less. It's goal will be to encourage and inspire genuine moments of family engagement (gems). The focus will be simple but creative ways to connect, create, explore and contribute.

Each day of the week would have a clever theme-think "make it Monday" or "wanderlust Wednesday". This would invite users to begin thinking of their own ideas to contribute to future versions and app updates- making them a part of the app, not just a user, but a partner.

This is a no-brainer for busy moms, dads, grandparents and even babysitters looking for fresh, simple and creative ideas for family fun. We could change the world--one family at a time   Vote for Anne Armstrong by writing her name in your comment below!      


EMMAHANNAN   Life with Mama - giving your kids the gift of you in photos with them. Daily inspiration, ideas, prompts & mama love to help mothers feel better about being photos with their kids more often. I hear far too often that mums are rarely in photos and it's about time it changed.

“I’m always the one taking the photos, not in the photos & I don’t love it. I want photos that show I love them”. Rosslyn {mother of three}

“It’s upsetting because I don’t have many photos with my daughter. I want her to look back and know we were a family. That it wasn’t just her and her Dad…”. Belinda {mother of one}

This app will help mothers get in the habit of documenting their lives with their kids. Lots of mums are always behind the camera, or don't feel good about how they look and shy away. But what if, god forbid, something ever happened to them what would their kids have to remember them by? Life with Mama is a revolution, its aim is to change the way mamas around the world see themselves and embrace and document their everyday lives, it is designed to create big changes in this thinking. Mothers will want to download this app pronto because it will make them feel good, it will help them see the beauty in their everyday moments, it will help them see the importance of photographing themselves with their kids doing their day to day stuff. It will document connections and love between mamas and their kids, while it builds greater self love within themselves, because lets be honest every mum could do with that!

Check out Emma's current course at   Vote for Emma Hannan by writing her name in your comment below!      


luiscongdon   It's a couples game, a deck of 50 cards with questions. A person will click on a card, it will flip and pop forward, the questioner will ask the question and try to guess their partner's answer. This game helps couples get to know each other and improve their Love Maps.   Vote for Luis Congdon by writing her name in your comment below!      


lynbowker   Instant digestible insights, tools, lessons and support for sassy, heart-based women learning to share their knowledge, gifts & talents with the world.

Marketing. Business Models. Products. Video. Plugins. Technology. Questions & Answers in your hand! FREE training when it suits YOUR schedule. Having a quiet coffee? In with your earpiece & on with the show! At the beach? Relax and join the peaceful space where there's no clutter, just pure and simple digestible bites!   Vote for Lyn Bowker by writing her name in your comment below!      


nikkiallen   My app will really remind people to life a more relaxed lifestyle-reminding them to breathe and meditate. Daily affirmations of fun, for example, "Do yourself all up today" or "Go pick out some flowers." Small things that really have an effect on one's mindset and self esteem. Snippets of quotes and beautiful pictures for people to look at and take in. Access to fun recipes and fun workouts.   Vote for Nikki Allen by writing her name in your comment below!      


sachalalla   My vision for an app would be a daily dose of love, magic and inspiration. This app would not only deliver daily messages, quotes, insights and ideas to have the user think and ponder their life, relationships and future but also encourage them to love themselves and others more. People will want to download this app because it will act as a daily reminder of who they are. We live in an age where many North Americans, especially women, deal with low self-esteem and compromised self-worth. I know that women want to feel better about themselves and their life and a quick and easy app that is fun, interactive and well designed will allow them to not only access personal growth and 'help' in an easy-to-use format but also ripple out into all aspects of their day and life. I am also keen to ensure that women see, know and understand that real beauty, real radiance comes from being themselves and that working on ourselves on the inside is the best way to affect our external worlds. This app will deliver daily doses of inspiration but also ask questions and give homework which is why the built-in journal would be perfect for people to use to record their insights, thoughts and feelings from the various instructions given. I also believe sending videos can brighten our day and have us put our life into perspective. With self-help sections in book stores growing by the minute, this app is a winner as it allows for people to access this info quickly and also helps target a younger crowd of females hungry and eager to feel empowered in a format that is much more user-friendly to their generation.   Vote for Sacha Lalla by writing her name in your comment below!      


lingwong   A mobile platform that distributes my content, allows sign-up (list-building), a way to schedule discovery session with me and make purchases of featured products/programs.   Vote for Ling Wong by writing her name in your comment below!      


Marlabozic   Let’s be honest. Being healthy isn’t easy: it requires work, motivation and consistency. The Mum's best friend App is all about making it easier for busy parents to have the healthiest family ever so there are no excuses EVER.

Whether it be: • Consistent learning about foods that will fuel active families • Guidance to plan and organize great school lunches/family meals that everyone will eat • Motivational tips throughout the day • Staying on top of important health appointments (pap smear, mammogram, dentist)

The Mum's best friend app will support time poor parents to improve, manage and take control of their families’ nutrition and will improve their wellness/lifestyle dramatically.   Vote for Marla Bozic by writing her name in your comment below!      


mariapiazza   I AM READY WORLD! is for busy women over 35 (mothers, entrepreneurs, professionals) who want to be ready and shout out "I am Ready World!" for weight loss, career, love, travel, weddings, live events, expos. adventure, fitness. the list is endless. I can have so much fun with it. I will start with my first love: health, fitness, wellness and food. It will have all the features plus some other features I would feel would be useful and fun for my "busy" tribe. I want to be able create how-to, paint-by-numbers solutions to their wants and needs and a real drive for competence which would increase confidence in their given topic.   Vote for Marie Andrew Piazza by writing her name in your comment below!      


sarahmusavi   This app is for those people working in healthcare organizations who would like to improve personal wellness for performance and also travel with their peers and learn from other healthcare organizations around the world. The app will have the travel plan for wellness coaching and healthcare education. The app will allow users to enter their needs for personal wellness, their goals to allow them to fund a trip, enter contests to win a free trip or a discount on the trip, encourage others to join the trip and find out who else may be travelling by being able to share the app which will have the travel plan.   Vote for Sarah Musavi by writing her name in your comment below!      


claudiafrey   Can you imagine how shameful it feels if you're successful, with seemingly everything in place. Just this "thing" nagging: Fear of flying. And I'm not talking about becoming a pilot. But attending this super important meeting in NYC. And then meeting your new boss in Chicago the next day. Easily the end of your career if the idea of taking planes becomes more and more of a nightmare. With my app you have your pocket coach with you: From today until your next flight you get daily messages with tips, information, how-to-strategies. You get prompts for little exercises (think: strength training for your soul) including the possibility of taking notes about important insights. You also get access to relaxation exercises and visualizations of the ideal, relaxed flight. And you get instant access to my eBook on how to deal with overwhelming emotions. The next time you're approaching a trip, you'll be extremely well prepared. And this will make a huge difference.   Vote for Claudia Frey by writing her name in your comment below!      


pernillenorregaard   Spiritual Notes for Writers is a daily inspiration app that helps writers overcome fear and self-doubt. It inspires and motivates them to write every day, even when they feel uninspired and talent-less. It helps them see their unique gifts and shows them why the world is waiting to hear their voice.

The messages are part original content written by yours truly and part quotes from successful writers. All messages are designed to lift your spirit, believe in your dream, and get you writing. And once in awhile they will also put a smile on your face and a chuckle in your heart. Every day for an entire year you will receive an inspiring message on your phone. You can program the app so the message appears at the perfect time for you, for example when your daily writing session begins.

The app also contains a journal so you can log your sessions or keep track of how many words you write each day. It is entirely up to you how you use your built-in journal.

With the app you also get guided meditations created especially for the app users (they are not available anywhere else). These meditations will help you focus and improve your writing process.

Every message in the app is designed to invoke peace of mind and inspire your creativity. The designs are simple, beautiful, and powerful. If you have ever dreamed of writing a book, a scrip for a play or movie, or finally get started on that daily blogging habit, you've been pondering, this is the app for you. Its daily messages will keep you on track and inspired to create every single day.

I have written 12 books myself, and I have been teaching writing classes for years. I know how important it is to be held accountable, and that is why you can send messages to me and my team directly from the app. We are here to support you.

So please, give me your vote and help me make this app a reality, so I can help and inspire even more writers than I do today.   Vote for Pernille Norregaard by writing her name in your comment below!      


TANIAMINGS   Our website is focused on honoring the everyday heroes in peoples lives. This app will be an extension of that. With our app you will receive daily messages about real-life heroes. This will serve as an inspirational message and will also provide encouragement and tips on how the reader can become their own personal hero.   Vote for Tania Mings by writing her name in your comment below!      


MARNEY WHITE   My app pertains to the holistic health coaching that I do with my clients. It would include a daily journal for tracking diet, physical activity, and/or elimination (for those clients trying to kick a sugar addiction, or get off dairy or gluten, for example).

My app would also be send clients the right kind of recipe for their needs (i.e., greens, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, etc.) My app would enable users to connect easily to our Facebook group where they can share pics of healthy food among the network.

My app would also deliver a database of essential oils wellness tips, including remedies for common ailments such as headache, menstrual cramps, tendonitis, insomnia, anxiety, gas, acid reflux, etc.   Vote for Marney White by writing her name in your comment below!      


CHRISGUILLOT   The Merchant Method is a retail business app geared toward small businesses and makers as well as retail store managers, fashion merchandising students and aspiring retail entrepreneurs. I host an in-person six hour workshop offering hands on merchandising and visual display training. It's interactive. It's insightful. It's engaging. But the format is the opposite of mobile and many potential clients just couldn't give up a Saturday (the busiest retail day) to join me! That's when I knew I needed to make the workshop virtual. My dream app uses a series of focused quizzes to deliver industry specific insight, training and inspiration. Quiz topics can and should include the effectiveness of in store merchandising, appealing window displays, genuine customer service, store layout options and considerations, and planning in-store events. The app is meant to be stand alone but also works together nicely with my forthcoming e-course. Based on the yes/no quiz answers, I want to deliver bite sized training that can be implemented without a ton of time or resources - just right for a small business owner. Training can come in the form of hands-on video tutorials, inspirational images, or audio recordings for more straight forward insights. The daily in-app journal is key to documenting her notes so she can evaluate the effectiveness of the work and start to create the ever important retail diary! I'm confident a retail app can reach much success and be used over and over because retail is cyclical. Having best practices and tools like the Merchant Method app are must haves in the industry. Why is an app just right for my Just Right Person? He lives by his phone using it to snap inspirational photos when he's out and about. She's constantly posting on apps like Instagram and her numerous Pinterest boards. She might even use her phone as her Point of Sale at a craft or trade show. Mobility is KEY to my client because it's difficult for him to get away from his business, especially if he runs a brick and mortar. When I realized that I needed to get into her hands through her phone, I knew I could bring the Merchant Method to new levels of success. Why now? Why this app? Small retail businesses and makers need something that's just for them. We need tips, tricks and the know-how that big successful retailers use but that are sized just right for my Right Person's budget and time.

  Vote for Chris Guillot by writing her name in your comment below!      


CINDYBALLARD   After helping 57 people finish a 21 Day Sugar Detox, I saw a need: people wanted recipes to help them get healthy, from sugar-free desserts to nutrient-rich soups. I love being a Health Coach and I love to cook! This is a way for me to share my recipes and also share important nutritional information on how food can lower your blood pressure.

How about low fat ideas for lunch and snacks? Each day I will send out a recipe that can improve your health plus you can see each recipe on your phone and create a grocery list in one tap to help with grocery shopping!   Vote for Cindy Ballard by writing her name in your comment below!      


hALONABLACK   This app will be an enhancement to my ebook -- Loving My Fibroids Away: A 10-Day Detox Plan. The ebook features basic information on fibroids and how their growth is connected to poor lifestyle and diet. It also features recipes and 10 days of journal exercises that allow the reader to reflect on their poor lifestyle choices and what they can do to change them. You can learn more about the ebook at I want the app to serve as an enhancement to the ebook.

It will contain 3 features: - Short audio course on healthy food shopping. I will break the grocery store into sections (i.e., produce, grains, meats, seaweed, etc.). Each section will have a roughly 5 minute audio with written notes on how to pick and choose the best foods for your health and budget. This can be listened to while shopping, or used as a resource when needed. - An additional 20 days of journal exercises and inspirational messages for women who want to do a little more internal work during a full 30 day program. - An interactive shopping list for the recipes featured in the ebook. Readers will be able to check which recipes they are shopping for, specify ingredients along with quantity, then create a full shopping list that is specified for this detox program. I would like for shoppers to be able to check off items on the list as they shop.

Why this app? Medical researchers estimate that as many as 80% of women develop fibroids, a condition of the uterus that causes tumors to grow. While the tumors are benign, they can seriously damage a woman's self esteem and lifestyle. Women often experience outrageously heavy periods, can impede fertility, and can make her appear pregnant when she is not. Heavy periods can last for 7 days -- I have worked with women who said they were bleeding for 3 weeks out of the month. This leads to severe anemia, which then leads to blood transfusions. The most popular treatment for fibroids is a hysterectomy. Women that buy the ebook are often looking for an alternative as they want to remain fertile. The ebook and app are not intended to cure or treat fibroids. Rather it is a beginning point for women with fibroids who are interested in living a more holistic lifestyle to find the support they need to do so in cooperation with their doctor and gynecologist. Some may find that lifestyle changes can help them to manage their condition, while others are able to find minimally invasive surgical solutions as well as lifestyle changes that work on their terms.

The idea for this ebook and app stems from my own experience with fibroids. I am currently a health writer who writes health articles and books for myself and other health experts as a ghostwriter. I am experimenting with the enhanced ebook function and would love to be able to offer it to my writing clients.   Vote for Halona Black by writing her name in your comment below!      


STEPHENIEZAMORA   A simple app that expands my Awesome Life Tips ( reach. I have a book coming out end of June, a growing daily tips list and a lot of love for my daily tips. Ideally, it would show a daily tip and have the ability to share a simple tip image to their social media channels easily.   Vote for Stephenie Zamora by writing her name in your comment below!      


susanseale   The Inspirata App will be an inspirational, motivational, dreambuilding, encouragment app for folks who have a creative dream to bring to life. The user would download the app in order to take the Inspirata Success Mindset Quiz to find out if they have what it takes to bring their dreams to life, to create the biz they've always wanted. The user would receive daily written messages, links to love note videos designed to encourage them to follow their hearts, links to audios and beautiful inspirational images/quotes. The in-app Dream Journal will be there for them to track their action steps daily and be an interactive way for them to be accountable for what they really want in their lives. There would be a one click 'contact susan' to have a chat or book an appointment and notifications when I launch a new product or program or have something awesome on the website they would love to download!   Vote for Susan Seale by writing her name in your comment below!      


ELENABABU   Personal Nutritionist is exactly what it sounds: you own personal food nanny tailored to your personal needs, wants, goals, likes and dislikes, geographic region, demographic etc. It gives advice on what to buy, what to eat, how much of it, when to buy it, at which store, what to do with it. It tracks health and diet goals, offers rewards when a milestone is achieved, tracks shopping lists, eating habits,exercise progress. Provides cool facts about new items on the grocery list, coupons to nearby stores, recipes, nutritional facts, contests etc. Just like a food nanny would. It is up to the users to make the decision on what to do, what items to buy and how strictly they follow the app's direction. The goal is to help people make better informed decision without spending a lifetime researching labels, ingredients, medical research and so on. People are creatures of habit and the app should be able to track patterns and make suggestions on how to better approach goals of better health and fitness. Should the user become interested to learn more, descriptions of specific label ingredients should be available. The app should be easy and accessible for all levels of users. Some may want it more in detail, others may just want to use it as a shopping list and coupon collector.   Vote for Elena Babu by writing her name in your comment below!      


NINAMANOLSON   Not remembering to drink enough water? Grabbing food on the go? Wish you had an easy & healthy recipe to whip up for breakfast? Staying up way too late trying to get one more thing done? Looking for a way to get out of the coffee-chocolate rut? Saying nasty things to yourself when you walk by a mirror? Packed snacks for the kids, but forgot yourself? Wish there was someone/something that could remind you about YOU?!

The Nourished Woman app will support any busy woman to truly nourish, nurture and care for herself. There's so much that we know we "should" do to be healthy and energetic, but life gets in the way of our good intentions. Many women have to-do lists a mile long but they are not even on the list! The Nourished Woman App puts women at the top of the list by offering reminders, recipes, inspiration, positive messages and journal prompts that keep redirecting the user to focus on herself and her needs.

The Nourished Woman App is the perfect support system for a woman who sometimes wishes someone else would swoop in and take care of her. The Nourished Woman is that compassionate friend who always has a kind word, great advice and a cup of herbal tea to offer.

Every woman (working woman, mom, giving and caring mom) will benefit by having gentle reminders and healthy information at their fingertips.   Vote for Nina Manolson by writing her name in your comment below!      


ralphhankerson   A resource for vacation ideas sent to mobile so the user can be inspired and have the option to book a vacation with a few taps!   Vote for Ralph Hankerson by writing her name in your comment below!      


MYRIAMSITTERSON   A health and wellness app that helps people become their healthiest version and reach their fitness and life goals.   Vote for Myriam Sitterson by writing her name in your comment below!      


inkyoung   Lifestyle blueprint app will help the user identify the most important areas to focus on their well-being and goals. User will take the quiz to identify focus area such as drinking water or eating breakfast with protein and daily reminders and tips help user to implement this focus in their lifestyle. App will allow user to track their weekly measurements and stay on track to meet their goals.   Vote for Ink Young by writing her name in your comment below!      


kERISSAKUIS   I am in the process of finishing my first book Fear, Faith & Forgiveness. I would like this app to send daily inspiration, give readers a a place to journal and vent and also communicate with other members and Faith Coaches.   Vote for Kerissa Kuis by writing her name in your comment below!      


colleenburnetti   As a health coach, I am writing a book called, "Defining Your New Normal: A Guide to Becoming More Than Your Diagnosis". It is for people who have been diagnosed with chronic or critical illness who wish to take control of their future - no matter what the medical charts say. The vision for the app is to both promote the book and help future buyers go deeper into the content. Users would get daily tips, positivity journal, questions for thought... it's still an idea in development, but basically they would be able to interact with book content in meaningful and personal ways. Learn more at   Vote for Colleen Burnetti by writing her name in your comment below!      


stephaniemerchant   Busy Moms are in a state of overwhelm. I know - I was there.

After loosing 50 lbs, getting off of anti-depressants and heart medication, going back to school at the age of 42 and starting this new career - I want to help! It is my life's purpose.

I've been blessed to share my story on the pages of SHAPE magazine and the stage of the Dr. Oz show. But, I need this information - The Nutrition Mom's message - to be easily accessible.

Through this app I want to offer lifesaver tips and tools offering motivation, inspiration, practical tools, and recipes. We will cover picky eaters, time savers, what to buy when shopping as well as self care recommendations.

Every suggestion will build on the last and at the end of 30 days Mom's will have more clarity, and feel more confident and in control. I know they are waiting for this information. I just needed a way to get the information to them. An app is perfect!   Vote for Stephanie Merchant by writing her name in your comment below!