Let's create something beautiful together

From experience design consultation to development to app store optimization, we'll hold your hand through the whole process.


You’ve got a great idea for an app, but you’re not quite sure where to start.

  • What functionality is essential?
  • What should you optimize in your first release, and what should wait for subsequent builds?
  • How should you position your app in the app stores and how can you gauge it’s potential for success ahead of time?

We’ll collaborate to answer these questions and create a coherent strategy that will focus and direct your resources most efficiently and effectively. 

Prototyping & experience design

You have a solid strategy for the functions you’ll build and in what order. However, you don't have much, or any, background in mobile experience design.

  • How will you deliver robust functionality while requiring the least user effort to fulfill it?
  • How can you get real user feedback, even before building your app, so that you’re fully confident in your final design?
  • How can you illustrate your app’s design and functionality so that your engineers understand it immediately and can build it quickly?

Together, we'll cull through your app and create a series of click-through prototypes for your app that you can demonstrate and send to your friends, family and other potential users for feedback. Your app will “feel” real so that you can accurately experience your app – and optimize that experience – before a single line of code is written.

In the process, we will delineate user flow, functionality and detailed technical specifications so that you can present to your engineers a clear and virtually fool-proof scope. While the design phase is highly iterative, the build phase can’t be; once coding begins, changes are costly. By fully engaging in this process, we will minimize or eliminate the need for them.

Development, Hosting & Support

You have a great app idea, a solid strategy for what you’ll build and deploy and in what order, and detailed wireframes and technical specifications. You’re ready to build.

  • In what language should you code your app and why?
  • How can you identify an experienced engineer with the right skill set who fits within your budget?
  • How can you be sure that you can trust an outsourced developer to deliver a quality product on time?
  • How will the app submission process work and how will you get ongoing support for bug fixes and upgrades?

Let’s talk about your app and see if it might be a good fit.

App store optimization

Your app is complete! It’s bug-free, beautiful and live on the app store(s).

  • What keywords will you use to position your app for maximum visibility and traffic?
  • What strategies will you employ to maintain and consistent improve your app’s visibility?
  • Once you’ve achieved high visibility, how will you optimize your listing to maximize conversion?
  • How will your strategy in the Apple App Store differ from GooglePlay?

The art and science of App Store Optimization, or ASO, provides a series of highly effective strategies for achieving both high visibility and conversion. Set your app up for success with by taking the complete ASO course.